Thursday, January 15, 2009

Website overhaul ...

I am very excited that I finally have my new website done! Complete with pictures of my studio and lots and lots of paintings. I really proud of how it all turned out. Although, I am having a hard time actually getting it published because I changed everything from Homestead to Moblie me and I have now idea how I get it published to the internet. I thought I knew but, something is not working. I may have to make an actual phone call today, which I hate to do by the way.

Also, I am more than a little upset with the lack of snow here in Wellsville. Everyone back home has about a foot and here a dusting. This kids have a two hour today for some reason though. Go figure. Here are some picture that didn't make the website.

Friday, January 9, 2009

All is well in Wellsville...

I am busy, busy, busy working on new stuff, completing commissions, and trying to work on my website. Soon I will have a brand new website with plenty of original artwork to choose from. I have finished two watercolors paintings that am happy with but, the acrylics are just more solid, more stand out. Now I am back to working on acrylic townscapes. This one in particular, is of my town "Wellsville." I am painting this for to sell on Ebay to take the proceeds to benefit my church, Grace United.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I am back!!!!

And happy to be. I had a long Christmas break but, I did get some work done while I was away. As always, I went to stay with Mom and Dad for the holiday and had a wonderful time. And as with any time off that I do afford myself, I always come up with some new ideas.
After spending some time at my brother's farm. I took this picture because, it reminds me so much of the landscapes I try to capture with my paintings. Maury's farm sits way a top a hill overlooking the small town of Worthington, PA. Now wonder I am drawn to these townscapes.
I just listed my Sunday painting today and am going to start a new watercolor with this land layout. With a million houses and things going on, of course.
A little about the watercolors... I have been painting in acrylics and oils for 20 years. I always thought that watercolors wouldn't let me have the control that I like but, I found them to be wonderful. It takes some getting used to because I have to plan my layers before hand but, I love the ease of use. Plus, it is nothing to ship. With canvases, it takes me 20 minutes to get a painting ready to send.