Thursday, February 14, 2008

About the artwork...

Ok, my artwork will not suffer with the addition of this new business. I have been working on new drawings that you can see right now on Ebay under my id mylittlecornerdesign . I am working in a new direction with the drawing.
The truth is I love to draw. I have since as long as I remember. The only reason that I started painting is because of my need to start an income on Ebay. The downside to the paintings is that they are so hard and expensive to pack and ship. Also, my studio is freezing as Mike and I decided to save some money in fuel costs by using our fireplace to heat our poorly insulted 100 year old house. So the solution seems perfect to me. I will draw beautiful low cost drawings that are super easy and cheap to ship and can be produced in my living room in front of the fire.
Yes I am living the dream!!!!

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