Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to painting...

Perphaps it is the thought of the coming autumn weather but, lately I have found myself with a yearning to paint again. I had some success selling paintings Idid a year ago on Ebay and it started the forgotten Ebay fever all over again. What is it about that process? I find myself checking my auctions every hour practically. Then I remembered my love of painting folk art. I always find myself feeling bad when an idea I had doesn't pan out. I am constantly getting new ideas starting them out and then coming to a stalemate. Something blocked it, being the resources, expense, or marketing. Now, I am beginning to realize it is just timing. It wasn't the right time but, if I hold on to it for long enough I can find a use for it. I see that happen all the time in my work. Everything old is new again.

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