Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday Week

I am a little nervous, this Thanksgiving is the first that I will actually be making Thanksgiving dinner for twenty of my family members. Don't get me wrong this is just a drop in the bucket to the amount of people that my mom cooks for every year but, I do what I can.  We have to wait to have dinner with my entire family because of extended family commitments until Sunday. So I am hosting a dinner for all the family members that have no where to go on the actual holiday.   I was thinking of simplifying the whole day by just serving "walking tacos."  Walking tacos are a delightful concoction of Fritos, taco meat, lettuce and sour cream served in a snack sized chip bag. Effortless and delicious, my two favorite ingredients.

I am pretty caught up with new paintings to post on Ebay, so I decided to take this time to work on my websites and blogs. Please make sure to check them all out next week!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Studio!

This is the home of my studio! It is wonderful. I have more than enough room for all of my mess. Well, my controlled mess, which may be a contradiction in itself. It works for me. We are very happy here. The kids are still homeschooling. My daughter is working on a line of crafts that she is planning to sell on Etsy. I hope she has more luck there than I did. I will post the link when she is all ready.