Saturday, May 1, 2010

Crazy for Catherine!!!

This week I want to highlight the works of professional artist Catherine Horvath. 
Catherine's work is one of a kind. It can be easily picked out of any gallery search.  The crisp line and broad use of color sets it apart from the rest.  The lack of small detail makes it accessible to a bigger audience. 

I have noticed a trend emerging in this folk art genre on Ebay. The lack of details, an impressionistic sort of style. It speaks to a more collectors. I believe because the more details an artist includes, the more of a chance of turning a collector off, depending on his personal taste. As for me, I love the details. I think that it holds the interest longer. The viewer sees something new each time he or she looks at it. There is something to be said of keeping it simple.  The thin black line that Catherine uses does create more interest. 

Catherine's work is simply gorgeous. The only criticism that I can find is that she uses the keyword "abstract" in her headline that I don't think it qualifies as. You can find more of Catherine's work by doing a search with the keyword "Horvath" or for the seller "SoloWorkStudio."

"Til we meet again,

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