Friday, January 28, 2011

Dear Diary - by Shelly Bedsaul from Folk Art gallery

Dear Diary - by Shelly Bedsaul from Folk Art gallery: "Dear Diary - by Shelly Bedsaul from Folk Art gallery"
I really enjoyed this piece from an artist from Topeka, Kansas. What I really like about it is the details that
she used. She creates a warm feeling of a leisurely morning spent pouring your heart out in your diary and
simmering them with some tea. The lines and patterns keep it visually more interesting. Another thing that I
enjoy is the back story. Shelly contends that the invention of blogs and the internet has diminished the proper
use of the written word. I have to agree. If I read one more Facebook post from one of my many nieces and
nephews with more misspelled words than correctly spelled words, I will scream!!! They say they don't care
because they were just in a hurry but, I am really beginning to wonder!
Thanks for the awesome painting, Shelly!
You can find many more paintings by Shelly at

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