Thursday, June 30, 2011

I have been busy, busy, busy here at the studio

Take a look at this. I just had this divine inspiration to do something different this week for my big painting.  I really don't know how it will go over but, I really love it.  The hand with the eye in it represents reality. What we see and feel using our brains. The mother and baby inside the heart represents our soul, the purest love that we have is our connection to our Higher Power.  The rose and butterfly represent our spiritual connection to the other side.  It is different than the paintings that I usually do but, the summer is for experimenting for me.  I even used oil paints which is very different for me. I loved it!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This is really something different for me!!!

What I love about this time of year is that I have the time to experiment with different kinds of paintings. My husband is a very active hunting enthusiast.  So, last weekend we visited a skull mount taxidermist. While, my daughter Autumn was picking up her mount. I wondered around a bit.  I found it very interesting seeing all the skulls there lined up together by species. It was just amazing to me to see how alike they were but, at the same time so different and intricate. Each hole and curve of the bone has a reason. Once again, the organic line is hard at work everywhere. I created this little piece to remember my day.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Primitive Decor Abounds!

Here is what I am working on currently in the studio. Not just the paintings but, I have an idea for creating some hangers for the paintings. This is the one I did yesterday but, it seems a little flimsy.
I got the idea from my friend and artist Julie-Ann Bowden. If you have been following me for a while you know that I love Julie's work. I am saving to buy a commission from her. I am going to try something different today with the hangers. However, I am have a hard time getting anything done with all the end of the year activities with the kids.  I can't wait to have more time to work.

I did finally finish my first halloween piece of the season that I talked about in my last blog post. It is for sale on Ebay now ending on June 14th at 10:30 am Est.  I am still very excited to get things going for Halloween but, I am also having to roll some items out for Christmas as I will be advertising in the Country Sampler December issue.

This piece I think looks a little better with the hanger. Both the pieces are for sale at my Etsy Shop. Please check it out for better images.
Love to you all,