Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I found a quiet place in time

Right now I am sitting alone in my kitchen. There is a very weird sound in the air. It is my fingers hitting the keys of my laptop. I can't remember the last time I heard that sound. Through the constant whining of my kids ... and husband, the noise of the tv and humming of household appliances, the little sounds get lost. The keys form a melody now. One of my most favorite things to listen to is the noise my pencil makes as it sails across the surface of my drawing paper. Different colors make different sounds. It must be because of the softness of the lead but, they do. Of course to be honest, my truly favorite thing to listen to... although it happens about as often as an eclipse of the sun...is the sounds of my three children together playing happily. I have heard it a couple of times, although my husband doesn't believe me.
This week I am working on my store at my website. I will start making a few pieces ready for download for $5.00 or you can order a signed piece for $10.00 plus shipping. Tomorrow I am going to start a drawing of a nest with three eggs in it at nightfall. Brandi, if you read this call me and I will actually believe you read this weekly.

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