Thursday, April 24, 2008

Visit to Franklin, PA...

I have been out of my studio for a few days because of a trip to Franklin, PA. My husband had a job interview there and I decided to tag along. We dropped the kids at Mom's on the way so we had a whole day to ourselves. The interview went very well. I sat in the car outside for two hours waiting for it to be over. Don't ask me how he talks me into doing stuff like that. I was dead set against it when we set off but, somehow I found myself sitting there anyway. I asked him if he has some sort of mind control over me and he said that if he did he would not waste it on making me sit in a car by myself for two hours. That is probably true.

The downtown of Franklin is beautiful. It is one of the few Main streets in America that seems to be thriving. Not just thriving there is something more. It is warm, small town yet important. Not at all what I had thought is was for all these years. I hope Mike does get the job so I can return. It gave me a lot of new ideas for drawings. The cycle of life kind of thing. Life is all about cycles inside cycles.

Well Brandi?

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