Saturday, September 4, 2010


     People ask me all the time where I get the ideas for my paintings. Well, that is something that has never been hard for me to find because, it is all around me. Small towns have always fascinated me.  As a child my father was a candy wholesaler. He would have routes all over western Pennsylvania.  All of the kids had to take turns going with him to work. It was kind of a hated chore but, it did have it's perks. For me, one of them was riding in his big truck and enjoying the townscapes.  I loved to see all of the different houses and wondered about the lives of the people inside.
     It is funny how things stick with you. I now ride along with my husband and look for eye catching houses. The one pictured above we found on our vacation to Ohio. I know that southern Ohio is not the normal summer escape for people but, we really enjoyed it. Bremen Ohio is one of those towns that has very little commercialism. Similar to a modern day Mayberry, very quaint friendly and clean.  I am using  a similar house in a painting I am working on now. 

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