Wednesday, November 3, 2010

...and I am a moron!!!!

No offense to the Mormon religion. I enjoy the commercials  really, especially the one with the artist mother. No, I only mean to be self deprecating.   I am such an idiot!

Today, after finishing this cute little painting, I decided to take a photo of it to share with everyone.  I set the painting on the floor in my living room and opened the drapes to let the natural light flow in. As I was bending over to take the shot, I actually dropped my camera on the painting!!!! I would not have thought it would have done much damage but, it actually tore the canvas! If you look close at the picture on the left right by the pine tree you can see the tear. Also, there is a little indentation to the left that will go away eventually.

 What is wrong with my brain? or my central nervous system?!!!  God only knows! I can at least patch up the canvas and keep it for myself.  Now, I will have to repaint the painting this weekend. There goes my friday night!!!!

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