Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Thanks for all the well wishes. The poison oak is still impeding our lives. Yesterday was horrible. My son woke up with his face completely swollen and his eye shut. It was quite a sight. His sisters cried when they saw him. He was in good humor though. I took him right to the doctor and she gave him a prescription that will work in three days. Until then we are struggling through. My legs are gruesome and swollen as well. Today we are a better but, are looking forward to our full recovery.

My son is his normal active mood. We came up with a great easy game today that WAHMs can use to stay in shape and interact with your kids. We played "chase." I took a bouquet of flowers (it can be anything though) and my son chased me all around the house trying to get them back. We mixed it up a little by jumping over things and hiding and jumping out at each other. You would be surprised how it got my heart beating. He has a blast!!!! It was a lot of fun. If you did it for 15 mins. twice a day, it would be a great cardio workout. We even put some obstacles in the way to make it an even better workout.

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