Sunday, September 30, 2007

This past week ....

has been crazy. I had a wedding last weekend in Pittsburgh that was wonderful. However, when I got back home and back to work I couldn't get any painting done. My son and I broke out with poison oak. I still have it. It is horrible, all over my hands, legs, and back.
I did get a lot done on my website and ideas for future offerings at the website.
I will now offer all of my original paintings for sale on my store at Etsy and prints and images on Ebay. Soon all of my past paintings will be available for download and use on personal computers.
I am also now a MomsTown mayor for Wellsville PA. I haven't really totally figured out what that means but, I am excited about meeting with moms like me that have their own businesses. Hopefully, we can help eachother to stay motivated and open new doors. Mary and Heather from MomsTown will be introducing a new book this week to help moms live a balanced life. I will have the link for you tomorrow.

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