Monday, July 20, 2009

July 15

It has been a real challenge trying to get painting done with the kids at home all the time. There are so many distractions, it is hard to stay on task. Out of shear desperation, I have discovered some helpful techniques that allow me to be flexible with my business, my kids and enables me to keep my sanity as well as my income.

I decided to make my studio as portable as possible. This way I can keep up with the kids where ever they end up. Whether that is the pool or the playground, I can set up shop on the fly. I have a big black bag stuffed with paints, brushes, canvas and water. I even have a portable aluminum easel. Perfect, I just have to find a way to keep people at the park to stop asking me every five minutes, “what are you painting?” Oh, and the ever popular “can you paint me something?” Please send any ideas!

Second, I have designed a very flexible schedule. I start painting at seven in the morning, a good two hours before my kids get up in the summertime. Then I stop for a couple hours, get them awake and started on their day. Paint for a couple more hours then clean and figure out what I am going to make for dinner. Then paint for a couple more hours after dinner. I find that breaking up the painting schedule really helps keep me interested in the painting and helps think of fresh new ideas.

Lastly, I am getting a jump on the busy autumn season. In the past, I would create paintings in the same season that I was in, the summer paint summer, in the fall paint fall paintings. I have scrapped that idea for this year. Mainly because, my winter and fall paintings sell best for me and the season really isn’t long enough to capitalize on all the ideas that come my way. This year I am painting all fall and winter so that I will be ready for the demand.
Until next week, take care and stay in the creative flow! Kori

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