Friday, July 31, 2009

Something different...

This week took me in a new direction, as my muse often does. I started a great Halloween painting and suddenly lost passion for it. So now it sits on my Lazy Chair.  Suddenly, I couldn't stop thinking about angels.   I envisioned the angel that I wanted to create, thought about background, dress and hair color. 
Last night I started the background and was so happy with the feel of the light that I couldn't stand to paint the angel in it.  So here is a quick picture of it but, it is not a very true picture. Although, it gives you the general idea. Follow my auctions this week to  see them better.
I also want to state that my heart and prayers go out to the state employees of Pennsylvania that are not getting paid for the seventh year in a row because, the morons in Harrisburg can't balance a budget.  Stay strong.

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sgaynor said...

Isn't it fun when the muse whispers in our ear...LOVE the painting and your work is really beautiful.