Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New week... New painting!

     I am very happily working on my winter paintings.   All of my new tricks are working quite well.  This is my happiest time just painting, creating, sculpting life.  Everyday, I sit and look at a blank canvas. I having an idea just a thought. Once I put the brush in the paint and place my first stroke something takes over from there. It is being in the creative flow.  
     It is not like I don't take breaks. I do. I take plenty of breaks, those help me to. I can look at the painting from a fresh prospective that way. It is fun to see how a piece is going to end up.  The painting that I have posted here started out as a spring piece but, morphed into a winter. Maybe it is more about what I am feeling. I love the look of a winter scene. You can see only the happy, fun action and not the cold freezing temperature numbing your nether regions. 
On that note, stay in the flow! See you next time.

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