Sunday, December 5, 2010

I had a little time on my hands....


What a wonderful weekend!!! We stayed close to the house to let the kids recoup from their various illnesses.  I finished this piece that I painted last year. I stopped the painting in mid paint, so to speak.  It started as a acrylic paint on canvas.  Then, to change things up a little, I used colored pencils on paper to make the skaters. I wanted to make it a little more interesting. Then, I affixed the paper to the background. At that point, it was just two trees, the sky and the clothesline with a heart. For a year it sat in my studio like that......... What to do, What to do? ......... Today, I was feeling it. I put in a house a fence, dog, and some mittens and we have a story. The story is "Firsts." This is their first house, first winter, first skate, and first dog.  The firsts in life aren't always the best but, they are memorable. Hopefully, for these two, the first is magical!!!!  The original painting is for auction on EBay right now under my id "mylittlecornerdesign" Check it out!

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