Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Wild Flower Goddess by Dee Sprague

The purpose of this blog is to discuss current trends in folk art and highlight artists that I come across that I are exceptional. I feel I have gotten away from that lately because I have been so busy in the studio. I am taken advantage of this Christmas break so that I can have some time to explore the wild wild web!

Finally, after wading through the clog of average work out there, I came across this little gem. I just love Dee's work. It has a story book feel to it that you could just get lost in. It seems as though the flowers are actually swaying in the breeze. She paints with such purpose. The feel is sublime.
Please, spend a little time in "Dee's world" over the holiday. You will be glad you did. Thanks Dee for sharing this wonderful folk art with us!!!

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