Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Finished "Farm Market"

Today I feel like crap. I think I have the cold that my daughter brought home from school. What make me mad is that she sneezes a couple times and is over it. Then I get it and I am stuggling to get through the day, feeling like crap.

Wednesday is a really busy day for us too. We have soccer, guitar and musical theatre. We are definately going to miss something today.
Luckily I work out of my home so the show must go on. I finished "Farm Market." Be sure to check out the final peice for sale on Here is the link that is where I will keep my store from now on. I will still list some peices at ebay by because you can't beat the traffic there but, I love Etsy. The fees are so much more reasonable and you can put a lot more information about yourself in the listing. Check it out. I will also be posting some free images to be downloaded for personal use within the next couple days so stay tuned for that.

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