Friday, September 14, 2007

New direction= Art for Children

I love to paint these little scenes of small town America. The comings and goings of the town. I also love to look at paintings like this. Maybe it is the creator in me wanting to make a town where people are happy and things are pretty. There is no crime. There are no run down or neglected houses and people get along. It gives me a happy feeling inside.

I have recently noticed that my kids also get a happy feeling inside when they look at my paintings. They always look to find a person that is the most like them or who they want to be. My son has had problems sleeping through the night lately and we started looking at the paintings that I was working as part of his night time routine. He suddenly began sleeping soundly and enjoys looking at the paintings and asks to "talk about the paintings" at different times during the day. We make up all kinds of stories about the happenings in the pictures.
I have decided to change the veiwpoint in my artwork to that of a child. I will specially design each peice to iniate the imagination of a child, to entice them to create a new world for themselves in their own heads, and to write their own endings. Thus, exercising their creative minds to think on their own to create new ideas and solutions to everyday problems.

I changed the "Farm Market" painting with this new direction in mind.

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