Sunday, September 30, 2007

This past week ....

has been crazy. I had a wedding last weekend in Pittsburgh that was wonderful. However, when I got back home and back to work I couldn't get any painting done. My son and I broke out with poison oak. I still have it. It is horrible, all over my hands, legs, and back.
I did get a lot done on my website and ideas for future offerings at the website.
I will now offer all of my original paintings for sale on my store at Etsy and prints and images on Ebay. Soon all of my past paintings will be available for download and use on personal computers.
I am also now a MomsTown mayor for Wellsville PA. I haven't really totally figured out what that means but, I am excited about meeting with moms like me that have their own businesses. Hopefully, we can help eachother to stay motivated and open new doors. Mary and Heather from MomsTown will be introducing a new book this week to help moms live a balanced life. I will have the link for you tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Finished "Farm Market"

Today I feel like crap. I think I have the cold that my daughter brought home from school. What make me mad is that she sneezes a couple times and is over it. Then I get it and I am stuggling to get through the day, feeling like crap.

Wednesday is a really busy day for us too. We have soccer, guitar and musical theatre. We are definately going to miss something today.
Luckily I work out of my home so the show must go on. I finished "Farm Market." Be sure to check out the final peice for sale on Here is the link that is where I will keep my store from now on. I will still list some peices at ebay by because you can't beat the traffic there but, I love Etsy. The fees are so much more reasonable and you can put a lot more information about yourself in the listing. Check it out. I will also be posting some free images to be downloaded for personal use within the next couple days so stay tuned for that.

Monday, September 17, 2007


I had a hard time getting started. I did almost finish "Farm Market" and then I decided to finishe the edges of the painting so a frame would not be needed. I think it looks kind of cool, like its 3-D or something.

Yesterday I listed "Happy Landing" on EBay. I am also going to make some paintings available free for download at my site, so they can be printed from a personal printer.

Friday, September 14, 2007

New direction= Art for Children

I love to paint these little scenes of small town America. The comings and goings of the town. I also love to look at paintings like this. Maybe it is the creator in me wanting to make a town where people are happy and things are pretty. There is no crime. There are no run down or neglected houses and people get along. It gives me a happy feeling inside.

I have recently noticed that my kids also get a happy feeling inside when they look at my paintings. They always look to find a person that is the most like them or who they want to be. My son has had problems sleeping through the night lately and we started looking at the paintings that I was working as part of his night time routine. He suddenly began sleeping soundly and enjoys looking at the paintings and asks to "talk about the paintings" at different times during the day. We make up all kinds of stories about the happenings in the pictures.
I have decided to change the veiwpoint in my artwork to that of a child. I will specially design each peice to iniate the imagination of a child, to entice them to create a new world for themselves in their own heads, and to write their own endings. Thus, exercising their creative minds to think on their own to create new ideas and solutions to everyday problems.

I changed the "Farm Market" painting with this new direction in mind.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

See my web page

September 6, 2007

Had a hard time getting work done. Husband came home on his lunch break with his friend and as always expects me to be entertaining. Of course as always I was but, was at least working on the computer at the same time.
I started a MomsTown Site in Dillsburg, PA. If you are a mother in a business you should check out it is a site with a lot of free information for women in business. How to start, promote, that kind of thing.
I worked on the "Farmers Market" painting today. I decided what each one of the stands should be. My son came up to me and said "Mom I got an idea, lets paint eggs" so now one of the stands is fresh eggs. I will have yarn, herbs, pumpkins and pies. Please let me know if you have any ideas about the painting. I would love to start and interactive painting.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

September 5, 2007

Today is the first day back to work in the studio since the kid's went back to school. It feels like Christmas Day!!!! Of course I still have one at home with me but, we work well together. Boy did I miss this. Getting back to creating art. In my brand new studio. It is perfect because, it is huge. I have all the room I need for painting but also I have an area for yoga, an area for the kids with tv and toys and even a patio overlooking the town.

First thing on the agenda is to complete two paintings I have been working on over the summer. They are both in my Antique style landscape, one in a rural valley and one of a farmers market haunted by the village witch selling tickets to the witches ball. I should have updated photos on my site by the end of the week.

This is my Fifth year selling my paintings online. I am going to change the direction of it somewhat. I want it to be more of an antique style and less cutesy. I have picked out some past paintings that I really love and am going to use these as guides. I am also going to take more time with each painting not trying to stay on a schedule. "I will sell no painting before it is time!!!"
See ya tomorrow, Kori